Welcome to Fire Fleet Maintenance!

What We Do

If you are in need of a Region 6 Pre-award Inspection, Pre-season Inspection, Roll-over Modification Inspection (replacement with like or better equipment) or a WA State DNR Inspection, you’re where you need to be.

The Memorandum of Understanding

Fire Fleet Maintenance has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group for Region 6 vehicle and equipment inspection.

Inspection Types

Fire Fleet Maintenance performs the following types of inspections, click each for details and reservations.

For those who have (or will) respond to a solicitation and submit an offer in VIPR. The Contracting Officer will award a contract after your resource is successfully inspected for contract compliance and advantages verified.

For those who have a current contract for a VIPR resource and would like to replace it with a “like or better”. This inspection will verify your replacement resource meets the contract requirements and verify its advantages.

Region 6 does not require a pre-season inspection. However… a DOT annual inspection is required. We will perform a DOT annual inspection and attach a label to your vehicle. This includes a current year OF-296 vehicle inspection form for your vehicle.

We perform resource inspections for Wa State DNR. This is an inspection the same as a Region 6 inspection however the information is forwarded to the Contracting Officers of WA State DNR.

Schedule & Reservations

In order for contracting deadlines to be met efficiently, inspections are compressed into just a few weeks in early spring. This is an especially difficult time to move around heavy equipment. To provide the greatest customer service our schedule is built according to customer demand. We will work with you to find a date, time and location that works for you. Our goal is to inspect tracked heavy equipment in place, if possible, so it is not necessary to load the equipment up on a transport.

Preparing for Inspection

Come ready to fight fire. Except only one legal driver/operator (no need for crew). No need for weight slip. If required it’s included in your inspection. Yes, the vehicle needs to be legally registered and insured if it is on a public roadway. Please, read the solicitation and check to make sure you have everything. Don’t go by the inspection check list forms. They are not complete and have gotten lots of people in trouble. Deep breaths, it’s all good. Our mission is to pass you, not fail you. Pay close attention to Section D – Resource Information. If you have questions just send us a message.

What to Expect

You’ve seen us at check-in on fires for years. Yes, we will inspect your vehicle the same way, with the same safety inspection form (OF-296). Except, this time there is no fire. We are DOT inspectors and can apply a DOT annual inspection sticker, but only if you pass. We will weigh your vehicle with our certified scales if required by the solicitation. Engines need to demonstrate drafting and perform a pump test. Water tank capacity is verified by weight. We will check all of your equipment on the vehicle against the solicitation requirements. For all other types of equipment we will verify it performs according to the solicitation.